PRESS RELEASE: Bully Buster USA joins Iconosys, Inc. to Launch the New WordBully™ 3.0 App, As Ultimate Means of Self Defense

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Reaching out to the Professional Fighting Community: The ‘Ultimate Anti-Bully” App to fight to eliminate cyber-bullying. 

Introducing WordBully3.0

Introducing WordBully3.0

Laguna Niguel, California, April 26, 2012 – Bully Buster USA, an Orange County-based not-for-profit and community outreach organization dedicated to the cause of eliminating bullying and Cyber-Bullying in our schools and among our youth, has partnered with Iconosys, Inc., a leader in mobile safety communication and life-style applications, to launch Word Bully™ 3.0, the ultimate app and means of self-defense in the battle against bullying and cyber-bullying.

Word Bully™ 3.0 allows the concerned parent/guardian to customize a protective filter for shielding their child or loved one against profanity, vulgar or threatening language, or other offensive or objectionable communications, all with the protection of password-enabled access for the parent/guardian.

“People we know, bully us.  Word Bully 3.0 is Iconosys effort to stay ahead of the mind of the aggressors and protect our children at all costs.”  Commented Wayne Irving, CEO, Iconosys. “Too many children are victims of bullying.  Word Bully is a boundary setting tool, can help children all over the world.”

Cyber-bullying is an epidemic that carries with it great dangers for the general population, not to mention our children, friends and family members.  In today’s society, where much of our discourse and communications are done via the Internet and text messaging, our loved-ones (both children and adults) are easy prey for, and potential victims of, the harmful practice of cyber-bullying.

Word Bully™ 3.0 features include the following:

  • Filtering Messages.  Monitors for approximately 4,200 words, acronyms, bulli-cons, and known phrases that might be considered profanity, threatening, or vulgar, and also allows the parent or user to customize their own watch list of cyber-bully terms (see below).
  • Blocks Messages/Forwards Messages.  Stops inbound and outbound questionable communications and forwards them to parents and others with a “need to know”.
  • Manage Words/Phrases Lists.  Provides extra protectionby allowing you to create, manage and monitor a customized list of cyber-bully watch words (e.g.  acronyms, abbreviations, cultural-isms, and gang-style lingo).
  • Identify Bullies.  Allows you to use the app to filter and monitor ALL incoming text message communications, or to choose to ignore messages from specific numbers/texters.
  • Locate your Child via GPS.  Locatesyour child, family member or loved one anytime with Trick or Tracker® child location retrieval service.  If GPS is off, locate your child thru IP address trace routing.
  • Notify if Childs Phone Battery is Low.  AND NOW automatically sends you your child’s precise physical location, via gps and at intervals with low battery notifications to your phone so you can 1) be informed that the child’s phone is in fact running low on battery power, and 2) be informed regarding the child’s last identified whereabouts during what might-be stressful times.
  • Intentional Power-Down LKL (Last Known Location) Notify.  When your child’s phone is intentionally powered off using the power off button, the phone will send the last physical recorded location of your child upon the phone’s shutting down.
  • Offensive Messages Lock-Box. Finally, the app stores the offensive and filtered test messages, for long term retrieval, in a password protected lockbox on the device, resistant to water, electrical, and impact damage.

As recently reported by The National Crime Prevention Council in July of 2011, cyber-bullying is a problem that currently affects almost half of all American teens.  Cyber-bullying is known to cause very serious psychological effects, including destruction of a young person’s feelings of self-worth, self-esteem and confidence.  Word Bully™ 3.0 now gives actual or potential victims and their families the power to fight back and defend themselves by policing, monitoring and censoring these harmful and destructive communications.

” We are also seeking support from the professional fighting community (such as boxing, UFC, MMA) to spread nationwide awareness of this new technology.  Role models to millions of young fans, professional fighters have a unique opportunity to support the worthy cause of fighting cyber-bullies.” commented Ryan Foland, Word Bully Ambassador and Bully Buster USA founder.


Word Bully 3.0 is available for free, for a limited time, for Android OS Smartphones and SMS enabled tablets (now more than 60% of the worlds phones are androids), from,, and the AppHysteria Appstore at


About Iconosys, Inc:

Iconosys, a member of the National Organization for Youth Safety (NOYS), and now a partner with Bully Buster USA, and the maker of the widely used and well publicized Trick or Tracker®, Guard’s Up!™, LatchKey Kid™, and teen speed monitor My Max Speed™  Smartphone apps, is developing technologies and technology driven products for its clients with a goal toward designing apps that enrich, enhance, and ultimately make safer, our day to day lives.  And now, our apps also can help you save money!!!

Iconosys develops apps and technologies for iOS and Android OS Smartphones and tablet computers. See a cross section of some of Iconosys’ catalog of more than 1000 Smart device apps from your Smartphone browser:, and from your computer browser:

About Bully Buster USA:

Bully Buster OC, a local chapter of Bully Buster USA was formed by Ryan Foland with the intension of developing a unique “Bully-Buster” workshop for kids and parents of Orange County. The workshop promotes self-confidence and arms children with the knowhow to handle bullies in a non-violent way, learning how to avoid potentially harmful situations, resolve problems as they arise, and manage the conflict if it gets to the physical level.   The popularity and demand for the workshop has led Ryan to compile and author his Bully Buster OC Parent Resource Guide, which is now available through,, and Bully Buster USA is developing its website to be a central directory hub for anti-bullying resources, educational material, and a platform to showcase technology that helps to stop bullying before it starts.  For more information about upcoming events, outreach programs, or to find out how you can help, visit or call 888-312-4954.


Press Contact
Andrew Felix

Max Borges Agency

80 SW 8th St, Floor 27

Miami, FL 33130

305-347-4404 x136


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