The Bully Buster Form: Slap Out: Teaching how to fall with out hurting yourself

Posted: April 13, 2012 in A Broader look at Bullying, Advice for Parents, Become a Bully Buster, Bully Buster OC Parent Resource Guide, Bullying Solutions, The Bully Buster Form

In my Bully Buster Workshops, I teach moves to a “Bully Buster Form” that I have developed based on skills that can help to defuse and defend against bullying.  The different moves are great learning tools for kids, as it gives them physical movements to draw upon for situations that they may experience or that could be dangerous.  It also creates a progression of different defenses that they can go through based on how they perceive the situation and real threats.  I will be sharing one of these moves a day on my blog, so keep checking back.

Learn how to fall and not get hurt!

Slap Out:

Falling or being pushed on the ground can be very dangerous, and is a common attack from bullies.  Many kids who get hurt when they fall down or are pushed is simply because they do not know how to fall down.  Yes, there is a safe way to fall and it is called a slap-out!  There are 5 basic steps.

  1. If you can, cross your arms tight to your body
  2. Tuck your chin close to your chest
  3. Bend down to get as close to the ground as you can to shorten the distance to the ground
  4. Try to hit your bottom first then roll on your back
  5. Finally, as you roll, you slap the ground with both hands, palms down to redirect the falling motion, making it so that your head does not whip back and hit the ground.

This is something that can and should be practiced over and over to get it right.  There are also variations to the slap out for more complicated falls, such as the One Foot Slap-out, and the No Foot- Slap Out.  The dynamics are all based around variations of these simple 5 steps.

To get all of the moves, you can download my Bully Buster OC Parent Resource Guide at!

Ryan Foland

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