Sensei Says, “goofing off” is ok. Playing with your children is healthy and fun

Posted: April 10, 2012 in A Broader look at Bullying, Advice for Parents, Become a Bully Buster, Zen Dojos Martial Arts Academy

When teaching Karate, there is discipline, structure, yet classes can and are very fun for students.  I think that we as adults forget the importance of “playing” and having “fun” or just “goofing off.”  We tend to be so serious, and rightly so, since most of your days are spent working in an office or professional environment where there are rules against “goofing off.”  I find that so many people live for the weekends, or that one major vacation, or birthday, or some other socially acceptable excuse to let loose.  I make sure to include some “play time” or “goof off silly time” into my classes to promote a regular dose of fun.  Every mammal plays. Lions… Tigers…Monkeys… Elephants… People… It’s when we play that we let go of all those ideas of who we “should” be… all that pressure… and just be who we really are.

And in my experience, there’s nothing more profound in life than experiencing who you really are, and we need to really be aware of the importance of encouraging this for our children and remembering this for ourselves.  My suggestions, “goof off with your kids,” and make it “ok” to have fun!  Your kids are the best people in the world to goof off with, and if you wait too long to establish that “goofing off” is ok and healthy every once in a while, they may grow up faster than you think and be “too cool” to participate, in fun family antics.

I truly believe in this idea and I try to devote time in every class to just letting go and “goofing off.” You can’t be serious 100% of the time, so find some time to do a little “goofing off” yourself and with your kids!

Ryan Foland

Black Belt Instructor


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