Sensei Says, stay united as a family studying self-defense to build your childs self-confidence

Posted: April 9, 2012 in A Broader look at Bullying, Advice for Parents, Become a Bully Buster

If your child is getting bullied, and you are not sure what to do about  it, remember that you are not alone. There are a good number of families who have experienced or are experiencing the same problems that bullying brings.  I was talking with a parent yesterday and they were sharing how her child recently got punched in the eye by a bully who demands lunch money each day.  As such, you may need to make some hard decisions about your child’s safety.  If the school refuses to take the steps necessary to protect your child then you will need to take the necessary action to keep your child safe.  The new plan may include removing your child from the school and enrolling him/her in a private school, in an internet school, a different school in your city, even a different school district, home schooling or arranging for a private tutor.  It seems like these may be extreme options, but it is important that parents at least are aware of what some options are.

Put this in perspective – If a child were being abused at home, the Social Services would have the duty to protect that child and remove that child from the home.  Why is it any different if his peers or anyone else is abusing your child at school?  You, as a parent have the duty and the right to remove your child from that school, if the School does not cater to demands to get involved to make abuse stop!

For the parent I talked to, I encouraged her to take self-defense class together as a family.  Often times, children who are bullied feel like they loose personal power and their self-esteem is surely lowered by continued bullying.   A family can empower each other by learning self-defense techniques, and in the right environment, learning self-defense is a proven self-esteem builder.

Ryan Foland

Bully Buster OC


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