Zen Dojos Martial Arts Academy Lead Instructor – Voted the Best Coach in San Juan Capistrano!

Posted: April 6, 2012 in Become a Bully Buster, Bullying Solutions, Community Outreach, Sensei Says

I am very proud to share that my studio, Zen Dojos Martial Arts Academy has the Best Coach in San Juan Capistrano.  Congratulations to Marco O’Campo, a coach at Zen Dojos Martial Arts, for receiving the most votes from San Juan Capistrano Patch readers as the best coach in San Juan Capistrano.

A total of 727 people cast their votes, with O’Campo clinching 600, or 80% of them. Bill Thompson, a volleyball coach from Stoneybrooke Christian Schools, came in distant second with 90 votes.

San Juan Capistrano Patch readers nominated 11 coaches from past and present to participate in the poll.

Paul Benavidez, who owns Zen Dojos in the Marbella Shopping Center, said he wasn’t surprised to learn of O’Campo’s win.

“Marco O’campo is an awesome coach and roll model for so many kids, teens and even adults in our community,” said Benavidez, who has owned the studio since 1991.

Sensei Marco

Best Coach in SJC

“I am so pleased to see that I have been able to pass the torch to another great leader in our great community,” he said.

Parents flocked to Patch to sing O’Campo’s praises.

Sensei Marco is the best,” wrote mom Stephanie List. “My 4-year-old wakes up every morning asking if today is Karate day. He loves Sensei Marco! He is helping my little guy build confidence and find a very strong voice, while at the same time instilling in him a sense of discipline and respect. He really has that something extra special and the children love and respect him.”

Added Heather Harris: “Sensei Marco is remarkable! Such dedication, care and respect, teaching the kids and parents about the basics in life that hard work, dedication, respect and being polite go along way in this world of entitlement. So glad to have my little guy being taught by such a amazing “coach.” We love Zen Dojos!”

I always say that studying Martial Arts is the best way to “bully proof” your kid, and where better to train then Zen Dojos!

Ryan Foland

Bully  Buster OC


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