The Bully Buster Form: 9-Run-Run: Teaching how to flee so there is no fight

Posted: April 6, 2012 in A Broader look at Bullying, Advice for Parents, Become a Bully Buster, Bully Buster OC Parent Resource Guide, The Bully Buster Form

In my Bully Buster Workshops, I teach moves to a “Bully Buster Form” that I have developed based on skills that can help to defuse and defend against bullying.  The different moves are great learning tools for kids, as it gives them physical movements to draw upon for situations that they may experience or that could be dangerous.  It also creates a progression of different defenses that they can go through based on how they perceive the situation and real threats.  I will be sharing one of these moves a day on my blog, so keep checking back.

Know when to leave!

Run from trouble!


This is a really fun way to teach kids that their best defense is to get away from a situation before things get bad.  Every kid should know who to call if they get in trouble.  I explain to them that adults get in trouble sometimes, and are scared some times, and sometimes need help from other adults.  It is for these reasons that adults have and use 9-1-1.  Kids can and should dial 9-1-1 in an emergency, but I teach them a step before that to get them far from danger, telling them that when there is the first sign of trouble, they should call 9-Run-Run! They all look at me funny, but then it sinks in and they get it.  I help put a physical activity to it in the form of High Knees, running in place moving hands like in a running motion.  It is a fun way to identify a response to a bad situation with the muscle memory of a running motion!  Throughout the workshop I will present a situation that could be dangerous and ask what they should do, and soon they understand that a great way to avoid that danger is to 9-Run-Run!  The beetle has been using this strategy for millions of years, and it has worked great for them!  At the first sign of trouble, they don’t do anything fancy, they turn and run away from whatever threat is apparent!

To get all of the moves, you can download my Bully Buster OC Parent Resource Guide at!

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