The Bully Buster Form: Two Hands Back Off: Teaching defensive stance and position

Posted: April 5, 2012 in A Broader look at Bullying, Advice for Parents, Become a Bully Buster, Bully Buster OC Parent Resource Guide, The Bully Buster Form

In my Bully Buster Workshops, I teach moves to a “Bully Buster Form” that I have developed based on skills that can help to defuse and defend against bullying.  The different moves are great learning tools for kids, as it gives them physical movements to draw upon for situations that they may experience or that could be dangerous.  It also creates a progression of different defenses that they can go through based on how they perceive the situation and real threats.  I will be sharing one of these moves a day on my blog, so keep checking back.

Let them know

Make them Back Off!

Two Hands Back Off: 

The next progression from the One Hand Say Stop, is the Two Hands Back Off!  This is done in a defensive stance with two One Hand Stops, along with the verbal “Back Off!”  We talk about the difference between a nice kitty cat, and that same kitty cat when scared.  They have all seen a kissing black cat, arched back, teeth showing, ears back, tail up, full defensive cat.  This seems easy for them to understand the similarity between a scared cat and this stance.  We let them know that this stance if to really let someone know that you are serious about them not coming into their space.  The concept of recognizing a perceived threat also works great here.  Based on how aggressive the potential threat, we teach them that there are different “Stop” moves that they can use, teaching them to judge the situation and take action that is appropriate.

To get all of the moves, you can download my Bully Buster OC Parent Resource Guide at!

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