I am strong, I am confidant, I believe in myself, I am powerful, I am bully proof! (Workshop Outline)

Posted: February 17, 2012 in A Broader look at Bullying, Become a Bully Buster, Free Bully Buster Workshop Details


We all know that bullying in school has become a real problem that is gaining increased attention in recent years.   Bully Buster OC was formed to make grass root efforts in the community to arm children and their parents with practical skills, and proven steps to disarm bullies, helping children learn how to respond rather than react to “bullying” situations.  Below is an outline of tomorrow’s workshop.


Pre Class: Please make sure that you sign in, fill out the waiver, and take your shoes off!  Parents are encouraged to come out and join their children for the Workshop!

Introduction:  What is Bully Buster OC?  Thanks for coming here, and having the confidence to take steps to help you children stand up for themselves, taking a pro-active approach to bullying.  Review of Bullying Statistics.

Awareness: Everyone lines up, and warms up.  We will shake things out, and go over how to communicate how to say “Stop” without saying it.  We will do some drills to learn how to use this communication, and there will be games where we learn proper defensive positioning, and introduce awareness, learning how to react to real threats or perceived dangers.   Covering levels of defensive escalation, we add vocal communication to protect the safe space, and try to not show anger or fear.

Respond vs. React: Matt talk and teaching about definition of a bully, and bossy person, learning how to talk with bossy people by being confident and assertive.  Understanding when people are being mean, and learning to leave the situation.   Name calling and why real friends should not be mean.  We discuss the importance of confidence, shown through eye contact, and how you walk and talk.   We cover the concept of Reacting verses Responding through a Ball Throwing Game.

9-run-run:  Importance of being aware, spotting trouble before it happens.   Sometimes bad things happen and people get in trouble.   Discussion on why adults have 911, and how kids can 9-run-run, and report what happened.   If you are in trouble, you should run away, and find a teacher or tell your parents.

Safe places, spaces, and strangers. What happens when you are trapped, or cornered and can’t 9-run-run?   Reinforce using common Sense before self-defense.  What your options are: Stance, space, verbal and using physical communication.  Last resort:  learning how to use a Hammer Strike, and practice by bag Hitting Game.

Recap: Reinforcement, acknowledging that kids are strong, confident, and know how to protect themselves and stand up for their friends. We should never fight, but instead avoid bad situations, and if we get in trouble, we should run and report what happened to teachers and parents, they are always there to protect and help us.

I am strong, I am confidant, I believe in myself, I am powerful, I am bully proof!

We hope to see you at the Workshop!

Ryan Foland

Bully Buster OC



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